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Sign Up Request

Looking to sign up for new service?  This is the place!  We offer customized plans for your garbage collection needs in select areas of Citrus County.  Please fill out the information below and a team member will reach out to complete your sign up!


Our phones are open Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri 7:30-4:00 and Wednesday 7:30-12:00

Our chat box is available as well.

Let's talk about Trash!

We serve areas in Citrus County, Florida

The Highlights

👋This is not a confirmation of service.  We will be in contact with you very soon to confirm the remaining details, accept payment and assign a start date.

🕔Once confirmed, please place trash curbside no later than 5am and allow until 7pm to be collected.  Trash may not always be at the same time each week.

🗑️Please bag your trash - It keeps Citrus County clean and prevents it from scattering when emptying into the garbage truck.

🚫No hazardous materials -  lithium batteries, liquid or spray paint, spray cans, fuel, tires, construction debris or improperly bagged biohazardous waste. 

📦Break down cardboard

✅We do accept some items outside the container - broken down cardboard, small appliances, small furniture items, and a small bag of trash.  Unbagged household trash outside the container may not be collected. 

📩We are a paperless company.  Your bill will be emailed unless you notifiy us that you need that you require paper billing ($4 fee applies). 

🛑If you are on a sand road or area with no turn around, we may not be able to serve your area, or may serve your area with an extended area fee. Our team will notify you before final service confirmation.  



Your request has been submitted! 

Thanks for choosing Flash Trash!

A team member will be in touch very soon to complete your sign up, assign a collection day and accept payment!

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