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Complaints are never fun and we take customer concerns very seriously.  We use these complaints, or concerns, as we prefer to call them, for training and to improve our processes.  Our teams work independently and are expected to act professionally. Each concern is discussed with the team in which it applies.  Because we are a trash company, some concerned citizens use a lot of 'trash talk'.  But, that's not what this is for.  This is for a true complaint that in which we need to find a solution.  Some complaints are only solvable by the customer and we have listed those below.  


My trash was missed!

There's trash left in the bottom of my can!


Please file a missed collection and we will investigate.  Please be sure your trash is out the night before your scheduled collection day and is visible within 5 feet of the end of your driveway and your street.  Containers behind fences, hedges, between homes, behind objects that block our view, may not be missed accidentally.  

This can happen if trash spills out of your can, making the bottom sticky. When our team empties the containers, loose trash can stick to the bottom. For safety reasons, our team members don't retrieve items below their grab reach.

To resolve this issue, please ensure that you clean your can regularly and properly bag your trash to keep the can clean. Please stay tuned for our clean container swap program!

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