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Got Junk?  We've got you covered!
Bulk Pick Up Registration


Hello!  Flash is now offering bulk pick up in Citrus County!  Please thoroughly read through all information before signing up.


    1. Bulk Pick Ups are available in your area weekly!  Adult must be present and payment is required at time of                service.  Minimum charge is $50


    2.  Bulk items can include household furniture, appliances, light construction debris, yard waste, and items that             pertain to household "bulk".   If this is a "trash out" please call us to schedule separately.  We do offer that               service, but the pricing is structured accordingly.  

    3. We do not accept the following: Motor oils, paints, flammables, propane tanks, sharps, tires.


     Please register below and one of our associates will reach out to you and schedule your bulk pick-up!  


Upload File

We will be calling to schedule a time very soon!

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